受験を目的とした入国手続について / For Applicants


問い合わせ先: grad_admissions*info.keio.ac.jp

Entering Japan to Take Entrance Examinations at Keio University

  Keio University can send a “Certificate of Permission to Take Entrance Examinations” to overseas applicants who have successfully passed the first document screening. Please request by email in such cases that you need a certificate.
Contact address: grad_admissions*info.keio.ac.jp
Please put @ into the above E-mail address instead of *.

入学予定者のビザ(査証)について / For Prospective Students



(2) 写真(4cmX3cm カラー:6ヶ月以内に撮影したもの)
(3) 初年度の「入学に必要な費用」以上の額が記載された「銀行の残高証明」または「奨学金の受給証明書」
 ※申請書の項目26(3) 経費支弁者に記載されている方の残高証明書が必要となりま す。日本語または英語の書類をご用意ください。
(4) パスポート(氏名・国籍・顔写真・パスポート番号・パスポートの有効期限が記載されているページ)のコピー

1. 本学が代理申請をする在留資格の種類は「留学」です。その他の在留資格に申請される場合は、独自に申請を行ってください。
2. 事情により慶應義塾大学へ入学できなくなってしまった場合は、至急「在留資格認定証明書」を返送してください。
3. 他大学にも合格した場合、「在留資格認定証明書」の交付申請が重複しないように注意してください。重複している場合、証明書は交付されません。
4. 書類に不備がある場合は、「在留資格認定証明書」の代理申請はできませんので、不備がないよう注意してください。なお、必要に応じて、入国管理局より追加書類が要求されることがあります。

Application procedures for the Certificate of Eligibility

     In order to apply for a visa, applicants need Certificate of Eligibility issued by the Ministry of Justice, Immigration Bureau in Japan. The Certificate of Eligibility will enable them to obtain a visa more easily. Successful applicants requiring Keio University to apply for Certificate of Eligibility on their behalf should send the completed Application for Certificate of Eligibility and other necessary documents to Office of Student Services by a designated date. Applicants for Spring round need to send necessary documents for COE along with their application documents.
     Keio University will make the application for the Certificate of Eligibility on their behalf at the Immigration Bureau in Japan. When the Immigration Bureau sees no problem about the applicant entering Japan, they will inform Keio University and issue the Certificate of Eligibility, which is delivered to each applicant residing outside Japan. Once the applicants obtain the Certificate of Eligibility, they must go to the Japanese consulate/embassy in their country to apply for a college student visa.

(1) Application for Certificate of Eligibility / [SAMPLE] Application for Certificate of Eligibility
  Please complete the form in reference to the sample. Uncompleted application is not acceptable. Please be careful about filling in your information.
(2) One photograph (4cm×3cm, color)
  The photo must be clear enough without background, must be taken within 6 months before the application procedure and cover upper body with uncovered head.
(3) Proof of Bank Account Balance or Scholarship Award that will cover academic fees and expenses for the first year of applicant’s enrollment. It should be either English or Japanese.
  * Each document of all persons listed on the item 26(3) supporter of the Application form should be submitted.
(4) A copy of your passport showing your name, nationality, photo, passport number, and passport expiration date.

1) Keio University applies, on behalf of an applicant, for a college student visa. Those who wish other visa status must apply on their own.
2) Those applicants who decline offers of admission must have their Certificate of Eligibility sent back to Keio University immediately.
3) Applicants admitted to any other program(s) should notify it to Keio University. They cannot make multiple applications for the Certificate of Eligibility.
4) Some cases the Immigration Bureau may require additional materials.


  「留学」 への在留資格の変更または更新の申請が必要な方は,ご自身で入国管理局へ手続きを行ってください。申請用紙のうち「所属機関作成用1・2」については慶應義塾大学で作成します。入学手続完了後に在留カードを持参の上,学生部に申し出てください。

1. 入管への申請用紙「所属期間用1・2」「入学許可書」の発行は申請した翌開室日の午後以降となりますので,余裕を持った日程で申し込んでください。
2. 在留資格「永住」「定住」「外交」「日本人の配偶者」等を有する方は,特に手続きをする必要はありません。奨学金等の関係で在留資格「留学」に変更を希望する方のみ,手続きをしてください。

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